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A proudly Australian company, Santos is a leading supplier of natural gas, a fuel for the future providing cleaner energy to improve

the lives of people in Australia and Asia.

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Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA)
ASTA promotes the program to schools and its members, who also serve on organising committees.

Rotary clubs promote the program, contact schools, sponsor many students to attend, participate actively in organising program's and in providing social activities.

Universities and Tertiary Institutions
Universities and tertiary institutions organise and conduct the programs on their campuses and surrounding facilities and provide a director, presenters, laboratories and other resources.

Young Scientists of Australia (YSA)
Several hundred YSA members voluntarily assist universities in supervising sessions and groups, lead some sessions and conduct social activities

Patron - Chief Scientist for Australia.

2021 MP Student Sponsorship


Robyn Clarke MLA, Member for Murray-Wellington

Hon Colin de Grussa MLC, Member for the Agricultural Region

Roger Cook MLA, Member for Kwinana

Dr Tony Buti MLA, Member for Armadale

Hon Amber Jade Sanderson BA MLA, Member for Morley

Margaret Quirk MLA, Member for Landsdale

Kate Doust, Member for South Metropolitan Region

David Templeman MLA, Member for Mandurah

Hugh Jones MLA, Member for Darling Range

Hon Matthew Swinbourne MLC, Member for East Metropolitan Region


Louise Staley MP, Member for Ripon

John Kennedy MP, Member for Hawthorn

Natalie Hutchins MP. Member for Sydenham


Andrea Michaels MP, Member for Enfield

Hon Ian Hunter MLC Member of the Legisalative Council

Peter Treloar MP, Member for Flinders