Participant & Parent Comments

Melbourne University Dookie  2023

From Wednesday, the 29th of November, to the 1st of December, a group of Year 9 students embarked on a memorable journey to The University of Melbourne, Dookie campus, located just 30 minutes from Shepparton. Despite arriving an hour late, we were warmly welcomed as they walked through the doors. The camp kicked off with a safety intro and a group game, followed by the division of students into two groups: A-K and L-Z. The first day was filled with engaging activities, including a milk protein and cheese-making class in the lab and a visit to the Dookie Robotic Dairy.

Afterward, we enjoyed a two-hour free time session and a delicious dinner offering choices of schnitzel or roast lamb with veggies and chips, all topped with gravy. The evening ended with a movie night, providing a relaxing atmosphere before curfew. The second day began with a hearty breakfast, followed by a bus trip to Mount Major for a hiking adventure that lasted just over an hour. Morning tea was enjoyed before heading back to the bus for a visit to a wheat crop. Activities included matching soil colours, observing water in the crops, and other insightful tasks. Lunch was served back on campus, and the day continued with pig and wheat workshops, offering hands-on experiences and valuable insights. For the second night, we had the option of spaghetti or chicken, with many happily opting for the nostalgic choice of spaghetti—a classic camp favourite. A trivia night followed dinner, bringing teams together for a fun and stimulating activity. The night ended with a card game, creating lasting memories for all involved.

On the final day, we packed up and attended a sheep and wool workshop for their last class. The workshop included learning about wool and sheep, complete with a demonstration of sheep shearing. After lunch, the group took a final photo, exchanged goodbyes, and expressed gratitude to the team that looked after them during the three days. Special thanks were extended to the Cybec Foundation for making the Melbourne University Dookie Farming Camp possible.

Writt         Mackenzie Arnold 9A   (student)

I just wanted to say Thank you again for this experience.
Typhoon absolutely loved each day.  He seems very interested in Biomedical now, and prosthetics.  Also we met Patrick Nolan at UQ, who took our details for future updates, and suggested a possibility of a Science/Music degree.   Typhoon was very interested in that.  
I love the conversations these Experiences ignite