Participant & Parent Comments

We are writing to sincerely express our thanks to you, the UWA team, the Group Leaders & the Sponsors of the ConocoPhillips Science Experience for providing such a wonderful experience for our daughter, Sophie, at UWA last week.

It was Sophie's first visit to UWA. She has been to visit Curtin University with John Tonkin College on a day excursion when she was in Year 7 & Year 8. We met one of the Group Leaders, Santana, on the bus when he overheard me speaking to the driver. He introduced himself and gave us a wonderful introduction to the UWA Campus and escorted us to Wilsmore Lecture Theatre. Sophie really enjoyed her 3 days experience. Each day she was full of enthusiasm and couldn't pinpoint just one highlight of the day - there was always more than one! Walking into the UWA Campus on the second day Sophie told me she couldn't wait to come and study at your Campus. This was a bit of a surprise because halfway through Term 4 in year 9, 2017, she started telling us she was thinking of forgetting about going to University. We encouraged her to continue her studies and wait for this experience in January 2018 and then make up her mind. On the final day of her UWA experience as we walked into the Campus she told me her "my faith has been restored in the Education System and I can't wait to come and study here. I will definitely be coming back here". Wonderful words for a parent to hear. We just have to keep reminding her of the opportunities waiting for her in 3 years time!

I had the pleasure on the final day to sit in the Wilsmore Theatre for the Certificate Ceremony and it was wonderful to see so many happy, enthusiastic young people in one space. Everyone obviously had a similar experience to Sophie during the 3 days and it was inspiring to experience the buzz in the theatre.

Congratulations to you all for providing such an awesome program. Are we allowed to attend again next year?

Sophie looks forward to seeing you all again in 2021 as a student!
Kind Regards, Vic, Maree & Sophie 2018

Thank you for providing such an excellent program this year. My daughter Jessica had a wonderful time, and her siblings are also eager to participate in a couple of years' time. Jessica particularly enjoyed the mathematics component and the physics show.
Thanks and regards, Neil 2017

I wanted to write and commend you on the wonderful experience my daughter had in early December. She now can’t wait to finish school and join the university community to continue her studies.

Thanks for running this program which is so beneficial to the students who participate therein.
Kind regards Dawn 2017

Just letting you know Portia is loving The ConocoPhillips Science Experience. What a fabulous experience for these kids.Kindest Regards Michelle 2016

I wanted to touch base and thankyou so much for the amazing three days the students had at the Conocophillips Science Experience at the CQU last week. I caught up with the students at lunchtime today and they were all full of enthusiasm and extremely grateful for the experience. This event certainly enlightened Tannum Sands State High School students about careers in the science field and peaked an interest in topics covered.
Fiona 2016

I was given the wonderful opportunity to get a scholarship to go on a science experience at the University of Adelaide. I was given a short glimpse of what studying at university would be like, with an insight at staying in the dorms at Lincoln College, enjoying breakfast and dinner with many people and taking a short walk to the university. Along the way my friend Pascall and I met new people and made friends from different schools, We were given the chance to go into the prestigious laboratories and conduct experiments. We participated in many activities such as making our very own DC motor out of wire, paperclips, wood, pins, and a battery. The first activity we participated in was making a lego tower that was most efficient and was the lightest but tallest, although our team got the scrap blocks that no one thought would be useful we still managed to win. Three of my favourites parts of this experience was not an activity of sorts, one of the lecturers showed us this room that was filled with spikes made from foam that covered the ceiling, walls and floor, there was a tiny gap where you can stand and there was no echo whatsoever. I’m pretty sure the point of the room had to do with the fact that sounds waves bounce off of surfaces and changing a factor of the surface. Another favourite part of it was mainly just getting to walk around and see everything that the university had to offer. Our team leader was so nice she was so cool and I think it just made the whole experience so much better. I learnt about the diversity of all career paths and science based subjects you can study.
Cloe Justice - year 10 in 2016

The University of Adelaide Science Experience was a fantastic opportunity that I feel very privileged to have had the chance to do. This on campus experience has opened my mind to what the university life is like and has aided me in my decision to go once I have completed my last two years of high school. There were a variety of activities that involved technology that we have no access to for learning purposes here in Mount Gambier, which is one of the reasons as to why I am so grateful to have been able to participate. Despite having missed the beginning of our holidays, I do not regret it. This showed me what to expect in a laboratory if I were to work in one, which is something I have been considering. A favourable highlight of this trip for myself (besides the delicious food) was using the microscopes to look at yoghurt. This was great because I could see living microorganisms within the yoghurt that I hadn’t known about. Luckily it hasn’t put me off from eating it, but every time I go to eat it I imagine looking at it on a level you can’t see normally. Along the way, I made many new friends and improved my social skills. Adelaide University has an outstanding professional facility that provided myself and my peers an awesome opportunity that I will remember forever. I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to have seen the campus and its state of the art technology. The staff were lovely and provided us with plenty of information and clear instructions that guided each session. Staying in dormitories at the Lincoln College was exciting, as it was like we were going to University. Their food was amazing and gave me the chance to feel and be independent with things such as going to bed, preparing myself for the day, going to breakfast, lunch and dinner on time, and choosing out of the various options available. I also enjoyed the freedom to wander where we would like and to socialise. I believe this experience should continue for many years to come for the keen science learners because it will benefit them greatly, as it did me. It was one of the best things I’ve done and I am very grateful for the experience.
Pascall Moulton - year 10 in 2016

On behalf of myself and Rutherford Technology High School, I would like to extend my warmest of thanks and appreciation of your dedication and work you put into the science experience, to make it the best 3 days ever! Your outstanding workshops opened me up to wonderful aspects of various sciences and maths and my level of gratitude is endless.

I would also like to thank you for providing us with education, friendship, experience and food and for making each and every one of us feel at home at UTS throughout the past 3 days.Thank you to you and the cool SPROUTS for looking after us and keeping your coolest of patience whenever we could've been testing it ;( I have loved everything about the ConocoPhillips science experience and will hold it in the highest of regard and always recommend it to others :) Although I'm glad to be heading back home, I will take with me the valuable lessons I have learnt from you, the amazing SPROUTS, and all the hardworking dedicated people who took time out of their busy schedules to educate us :) So again, on behalf of myself and Rutherford Technology High School, thank you.
Kind Regards, Kianah Redman : UTS 2015 program

I just wanted to say a big thank you for sponsoring both me and my 3 other friends. It was such a great experience and one I would not replace for anything! My love for science and my passion to pursue a career in the field has been concreted by the program. Amy and Adele were great and it was so special sharing everything with a bunch of people who had the same love for science as I do. So once again thank you for the amazing opportunity!
- student comment - Tas 2015 Hobart program
I just had a study room supervision with one of the senior students I took to Flinders last year. He is now doing year 11 Physics and Chemistry and our three days in the accommodation at Flinders was enough to illustrate to him how he could leave our small town and be successful at university. He was often away from school as his family support is not great, however since he took part in the Experience last year he has hardly had a day away from school. I am sure the experience has changed his future! I am sure the next group I bring will get lots out of the experience as well.
Kind Regards Anita Kessling 2015

"I really enjoyed coming to the Science Experience in Wagga. It's something I wish I could do again because you learn a lot, make new friends and it was fun!"
Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga
- student comment - NSW 2011

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU to you for allowing our students to attend this amazing 3 day workshop.
They LOVED it. It is something they keep talking about. Wonderful.
Thank you for making it possible for so many of them. I can't tell you how much I appreciated your efforts." University of Technology Sydney
- H Corcoran, Chester Hill High School - NSW 2010

"I would like to congratulate the organisers of the Science Experience at the ANU. It was well organised; the topics discussed were very interesting and relevant to the students; the experiments were fun. The whole experience was fantastic (10 out of 10!)"
- The Dolan family - ACT 2010

"Just wanted to take this opportunity to contact you and thank you for organising The Science Experience; and to ask you to pass on our gratitude to everyone who was involved in the organisation and running of this event.
My daughter Stephanie attended the 3 day program at UWA and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She came home every day excited to tell us of what she had learned and the different areas of science she had been involved in.
I believe that this experience has confirmed in her mind that science is definitely an area she would like to study in at UWA and that she might like to go into the field of medicine. This in turn has led her to be motivated about starting her study of chemistry and physics in yr 10. The course was vey beneficial and enjoyable to the students."
- C Sikaloski (parent) - WA 2011

" Everyday Brianne came home and raved about what had happened that day - in particular she was very taken with the young speakers who spoke about their journey to a career in marine science. She met lots of lovely people and has continued to talk about it. We had fresh squid the other night and she told me all about it's organs. So thank you and thanks to Rotary who sponsored her." Marine Discovery Centre, Queenscliff
- Sharon (parent) - VIC 2011