I have to say, it was the best year of activities in all the years I have been. The kids absolutely loved it and were so engaged..


I just wanted to convey my thanks for the ConocoPhillips Science Experience my daughter attended recently. Mikaela thoroughly enjoyed the experience at ANU Canberra and is most grateful for the time that the staff offered to her. Our family attended the evening at Stromlo Observatory and we found it very interesting and the staff there were brilliant and very engaging. Could I please ask that you pass on our thanks to all the staff involved at the ANU? Mikaela has always been interested in the sciences, and the ConocoPhillips program has enabled her to broaden her knowledge, make some valuable staff connections and familiarise herself with some of the campus before she attends for her degree. Much appreciated . Leisa Doggett

I wanted to touch base and thank you so much for the amazing three days the students had at the Conocophillips Science Experience at the CQU last week. I caught up with the students at lunchtime today and they were all full of enthusiasm and extremely grateful for the experience. This event certainly enlightened Tannum Sands State High School students about careers in the science field and peaked an interest in topics covered.

Yours sincerely

Fiona Skinner

I am writing to express my gratitude to you as organiser for the Conoco Philips Science Experience.

I travelled to Adelaide University with 4 of our girls to take part in the experience. It was such an amazing opportunity for the girls to meet some excellent role models i.e. students, lecturers and researchers in diverse fields. I think it really helped to broaden their perspectives with respect to careers in science beyond the usual health-related fields that a lot of our students choose to aim for.

It was fabulous the way in which you were able to get the university and Lincoln college to contribute so much towards the trip. Their contributions, along with the local Rotary sponsorship meant that this trip was within financial reach of any of our students and wasn’t just limited to the better off families, as is often the case when opportunities are a day’s travel away. It can be daunting moving to the city (having done it myself many years ago!) and it was fabulous that the students had a taste of college life and were able to walk to Uni. The students came out of it very positive in their attitude to both the North Terrace and Waite campuses.

Again, thank you for the opportunity on behalf of our students. I hope that we can take part again in future experiences.

Kind regards,

Jason de Nys | Mathematics Coordinator and Science Coordinator

Johanna M

The ConocoPhillips Science Experience has opened my eyes to the many opportunities available to students interested in Math's and Science. It has proved to be a valuable experience and will always be useful

Joel F

The Science Experience helped me to realise my true passion as a physicist and has given me the opportunity to explore a higher level of science.

Tia S

The Science Experience was really fun, enjoyable and interesting. I enjoyed doing all the experiments and visiting the campuses. I liked meeting new people and learning new things.

Aime P

I really loved the Science Experience because it helped me realise what career I wished to head into at UQ.

Kanu G

The Conoco Phillips trip has given me an idea of what subjects I want to do at university and what it feels like. It helped me to narrow down my options for my subjects at university. It’s really enjoyable to be able to learn, play and enjoy all the lectures provided to us on the trip.

Programs for 2014/5 Jan 2015

What did I get out of the 'ConocoPhillips Science Experience'? I got many things from participating in the science experience and I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity. I have left the experience with a profound understanding of University Life, especially as a UTAS student. I have been exposed to the many fields and career paths Science has to offer me in the future, as I ready in the coming years to make decisions that will impact my future. I have left the experience with a reinvigorated love for science. Science is everywhere in our everyday lives and it is not just boring formulas and information; it is an exciting and interesting field that offers many opportunities. Opportunities such as the 'ConocoPhillips Science Experience”.

Lachlan Hinds Feb 2015

The Science Experience was amazing, and gave us the opportunity to see the different subjects that are available to your students. This helped us realise what students would expect when attending the Uni. The career options in the science field are huge, and include lots of different interests. The University has lots to offer, and will be considered when choosing future pathways.


….Talk to the scientists you meet, ask questions, seek their advice, I’m sure you’ll have fun along the way and make some new friends as well. Wherever your plans in life take you, the discoveries you make this week will be a valuable addition to your tool kit you will carry into your very largely unknown, but tremendously exciting futures. Open your mind about the future you can help build with science.”
Professor Penny Sackett, formally Chief Scientist for Australia – Welcome @ ANU, October 2010

“This annual programme has been functioning for several years and is very popular.”
Dr Mike Murray, ANZAAS Chair, The ANZAAS Mercury December 2010

“I believe this is a very worthwhile program, giving students a broad outline of careers available in science while relating it to the science industry.”
Ern Dawes OBE, SGE Pty Ltd, June 2011

“I just wanted to thank you for your organisation of the Science Experience programme. My son, Nicholas …, had the most fabulous time & really did get just so much out of his 3 days there. My Dad is a Rotarian & has his PHD in Animal Husbandry so was very keen for my son to do this experience. (His father is a Vet & my brother a PHD in Inorganic Chemistry (both @ Melb Uni) so there was also much encouragement from them as well as you can imagine). Nick decided to do the 3 days really just to keep them happy but he really wasn’t all that enthused before he went. He now is so, so pleased that he did it. I keep overhearing him telling so many people about his time there & he is just so much more enthused about his school-work & trying to now achieve higher to try & get to Melb Uni. Hooray!! He is doing Core Science & Elective Science at school this year & he is certainly looking at it with “brand new eyes”. It is amazing how just 3 days can have such an impact!
He is also in contact with others from Program (the world of “Facebook”…..oh my!!!!) & looking forward to future catch-ups. Many thanks again & best regards”
Jenny Foster, parent, January 2011

“I am writing to thank you for all the hard work you put in to organising the science experience. It was a truly amazing three days. All the activities were interesting, exciting and hands on. I gained so much more knowledge about science and the careers that are available. I also now understand so much more about university life, how the courses work and feel a great deal less daunted about life after school. I am sure my parents agree with me in saying that the closing ceremony was a fantastic way to finish and was beautifully catered for.
Thank you for providing such an amazing experience.”
Deirdre …, student, January 2011

“This is a fantastic program and it’s something we are really proud to sponsor, we also ask our students to come along to one of our meetings and share the experience with us, which we look forward to each year. Thank you for your help and I wish you success with this program.”
Annette Devery, Youth Services Director, Rotary Club of Highton-Kardinia

Dear Jacquie,

Earlier this week, I attended The Science Experience at the University of New South Wales. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the university atmosphere, especially the lectures and demonstrations. It was great to learn about subjects like genetics, cancer research and physics, to explore the university's lecture theatres, museums and laboratories and to interact with other students who are passionate about science. I really enjoy science at school, and this experience has made me even more determined to pursue a career in science!

Please pass on my sincere thanks to Mr Jamie Parker for sponsoring me for this amazing experience.

Kind regards,

Finlay Mackenzie (Sydney Secondary College Balmain Campus)